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"There's another future that we can still choose."
If you need #MondayMotivation for #conservationoptimism, check out #BluePlanet2 - it's sobering, but inspiring. We humans have an enormous impact on the planet we call home, but it doesn't have to just be a destructive one. https://t.co/TPxK5t7LCx
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RT @Durrell_Academy: Some #ConservationOptimism to get your week started on a positive note:
Following Alumni Salina's blog about the remov…
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4 hours ago
Happening, a new documentary about the energy revolution, premiers tonight on Netflix. Check it out for some #ClimateOptimism #EarthOptimism https://t.co/kQM4QHccg3
2 days ago
Love these natural solutions. If you don't hunt them they will surely come back - they are actually invasive in Tierra del Fuego https://t.co/G4mDkt57Zg #EarthOptimism https://t.co/D3VXOySUak
2 days ago
Children don't just have the answers for tomorrow, they have them for today too!

Check out https://t.co/rgd8wk8c55 for interviews of youth talking about the big things they're doing #earthoptimism #sharethesuccess #todaysyouth https://t.co/wmOkLapFNl
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